Why Linux desktop failed in desktop market ?

Linux is a opensource application. It’s not fare to compare with other commercial applications. Linux desktop market share is 2% compare to 90% of windows desktop market. But this comparison in the sever market is totally different, where as Linux OS server is running more than Windows Servers. The reason for Linux desktops hasn’t succeed due to the following:

  1. Too Many Distributions
    1. Windows and Mac OS have only one distribution at a time. Few years later will introduce another upgraded version.
    2. Linux has 500 active distribution in the market. There is no centralized management system for distribution.
    3. If all developers are focused to develop in one Linux distribution, today it got the gigantic power in the desktop market.
  2. Support
    1. Users feel support is very difficult in case anything wrong with OS. Where as Microsoft and Mac has trustworthy support team.
    2. Opensource support is time taking to resolve the issue.
  3. Graphics
    1. Linux focused on functions and failed to full fill the graphics requirement and Windows & Mac OS focused on graphics.
    2. User likes graphics than functions.
    3. Due to functions Linux server market is in high.
  4. Reluctant to change
    1. Since school/college/office/OEM version all are using Windows /mac as their default OS.
    2. People are familiar with this operating system software and not willing to change the other system.

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